Being a beach bum

So, my first couple of days as a dweller in paradise have gone pretty well. It's far easier to not snooze your alarm at 7.20am when you can see blue sky and palm trees out of your bedroom window. It's true, they've done studies.

Housekeeping is relatively easy in the hostel because it's pretty tiny, and everyone chats to you as you clean. My first morning with the lovely Oceane (the girl who I'm taking over from) was very successful, given the amount of gossiping we also managed to fit in. The only job I hate so far is de-gunking the sink but I can cope with that - I can see the sea out of the kitchen window, so I just close my eyes and think of the afternoon...

Monday afternoon was spent on the beach with Oceane, her friend Emily and a German girl called Anne. We stayed in the sun until we were too hot, and then flaoted about in the waves laughing everytime someone got caught out and dunked underneath one. Oceane and Emily are both French, so many discussions about language were had - it amazes me how non-English speakers always think their English is terrible. I feel like telling them to go to Tamworth to see what terrible English really sounds like.

We decided to had back to the hostel when we got too hungry, having no idea of what time it was at all.

After a big bowl of pasta I had a lovely chat with Dot on skype which made me feel terribly homesick, though not for home exactly - just the people back there stuck in the rain and cold. Come and join me everyone, boasting on a daily basis is SO much fun.

Luckily, the perfect antidote to feeling homesick turned up. Because we're on the west coast there's no chance of a sunset on the beach; we can, however, watch the moon rising. There's some sort of optical illusion explained by physics (which I'm sure someone must know) which makes the moon look huge as it rises out of the sea. I've no idea how or why it happens, but it's incredibly beautiful. Serene. We were all sat there quietly sipping our drinks as the fire died down and the moon rose up... It reminded me of why I'm here, and that even though I miss people (though not you, obviously) I'm on an adventure and I have to make the most of it.

As we drifted back I was chatting to Oceane about her first skydive and we decided to watch her video. Just looking at the people in front of her falling out of the plane made my heart beat with nerves, and even though we see four groups a day land safely on the beach I know I'll still do I put this delicately? Hmm. Shitting myself seems to be the only thing that'll cover it.

We were all in bed early, and I woke up before my alarm went off which was a novelty. Most people in my dorm work in contruction or farming so even at 7am there's only two of us left asleep. It makes me feel better about having to get up 'early' every day.

Oceane was off doing her second skydive (for free as she's done her stint as housekeeper) so I was left to clean alone. Other than being exceptionally sweaty by the end of it I was fine and didn't forget to do anything. Which would be tricky considering that I do have a list of the jobs...

Once more, after the midday scorch had subsided it was off to the beach with our little French/German/British group. I don't really need to explain what we did again - assume the whole sunbathe/swim and repeat shebang is happening if I mention the beach. It was hot, but a few clouds gave some nice relief and I even managed a nap, leaving some sexy red marks on my face when I woke up. (Note to self: scrunched up shirts are not to be used as pillows again.)

Tonight is a big party night as a few people are leaving tomorrow, so I expect that waking up early will not be as easy... It might be the first time I won't appreciate bright sun and heat. It had to happen sooner or later.

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