Goodbyes and Roadtrips

One of the worst things about settling down is saying goodbyes; you'd think after October's epic tear fest that I would have learnt my lesson. But no, like an overly friendly puppy I can't help but try to make friends with pretty much everyone I meet. I've learnt that provided you are nothing but nice to someone for an extended period of time, they'll normally let you into their life a little, if only to avoid social awkwardness. (I call it 'breaking people down with niceness', and I've found that it also works on tables of rude people at work.)

So leaving Mission Beach on Sunday was quite a wrench. I'd been genuinely happy there, and very settled, so even excitement about Sydney (Culture! Civilisation! Shops open past 7pm!) couldn't quite temper the sadness of leaving.

However it's done, the plaster has been ripped off as fast as possible and I'm on my merry way down the coast with Ash and Stacey.

We've made good time, getting to Airlie by evening on Sunday leaving enough time for a quick dip in the lagoon. Watching the tennis was the plan, however we were glad we gave up watching when we did - a 1am bedtime would not have been good...

...before our epic, EPIC, 14 hour drive to Brisbane. But we made it. No kangaroos jumped out in front of the car, and I managed to not crash which is always a bonus on road trips. After making such good time we're hoping to see a bit of this part of the world, however given that the floods mean a lot of it is underwater may change our plans slightly. Don't worry though, I'm more likely to die of a heart attack after consuming more fast food in two days than I have in the last year than drowning/crashing/being eaten by a snake.

Peace x

P.s - miss you all already.

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