FAQ Part 2

So yeah, I'm coming back. I think it’s time for another FAQ, don’t you?


Hang on, so you’re going back to the UK?

Indeed, and it makes me wish for a Ryanair trans continent equivalent. Man, it’s expensive.

How long are you back for?

Just under eight weeks. I'll be escaping the cold (cough cough) Australian winter.

Whyyyy? Don’t you like Australia?

I do. And even though I’ve been way more homesick than I thought I’d be (sometimes I literally feel winded by happy memories) I am having a brilliant time. Seriously. Clearly I thrive in an environment where I have almost no responsibility. Shocking.


Well, as you all know I wasn’t exactly happy in my job back home. And as much as I’d love to work in theatre I couldn’t cope with being 30 and only on a pitiful wage. God knows if I’ll ever want kids, but I’d hate to not be able to afford one. Or a deposit on a house. Or nice food and be forced to subsist on only pesto pasta until I become part basil, part pine nut.

Those of you who know me are aware that I have what my old teacher called ‘the gift of the gab’, I can turn a phrase quite nicely on occasion and I honed my powers of persuasion on friends at uni who tried to study when I wanted to drink. Basically I'd like to combine (what are I hope are) my natural skills with my passions, and that's lead me to entertainment PR.

I'm going to be working for my lovely friend Flick Morris at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, helping her look after a client base. One of the great things about this is that I was a huge fan of most of the acts beforehand anyway, and have probably forced some of you to see them after I'd enjoyed their performances. It's a natural progression really.

I'll use my time at the Fringe to get experience and network, hopefully leading to me doing something similar with the rest of my time in Australia. It'll also mean there's something on my CV for when I get back. The fear of starting from complete scratch will be gone.

When are you back?

I land at Gatwick on the 19th July (I’m expecting banners, ballons, confetti etc ready for my arrival) and leave from Heathrow on the 11th September.

What's the plan, Stan?

I land late on the Thursday so I'll sleep and force myself to wake up at a reasonable time. I'm hoping that Friday will consist of being reunited with my favourite London people and places. That gives me the weekend to get over my jet lag ready to work on the Monday. I'll head to Tamworth the following weekend then hop on a train to Edinburgh around the 29th. Obviously August will be spent in Scotland, then I'll have a few days in Tamworth, a few more in London, a weekend on the Isle of Wight (Oh yes, Bestival. Who's in?) then back to Aus. Eight weeks, seems a lot; isn't really.

Hurrah! I get to see your face!

Hurrah! You do! And my face will be tanned!

Disclaimer: I will be busy, so please book in advance

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