My May via Instagram

I'm a recent instagram convert. Having mocked it as being a hipster invention I succumbed last month and haven't looked back. Although it did take me until last week to realise there were more than three filters...ahem. Here is a selection of photographs that (I hope) illustrate my Aussie life during the month of May.

View from my friend's balcony; pistachio and salted caramel gelato;
greedy seagull eyeing my lunch; afternoon cinema terror.

Sparkly toes in sand; maggie island in the sun; return of blue skies;
fresh satsuma and passionfruit from a friend's garden.

Pear cider to kick off a sail; drinking XXXX and cheering QLD;
Mama likes her wine; amusingly placed letters on numberplate.

She sells sea shells; view from our cabin in Bowen; sunset from
a desert island; live music on a Saturday night.

Breakfast view on Maggie Island; sausage sarnie by a waterfall;
a wintry BBQ; Saturday bike ride on a deserted track.

The desert island on which we partied; Green eggs and ham at brunch;
6am sunrise from our doorstep in Bowen; reassuring beach sign.

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