Promises, promises...

So according to blogger I haven't posted anything on here since April 5th...that's quite a long time. The thing is, my life in Sydney was pretty bloody boring. I didn't do any travelling, had lovely nights in the pub with friends and bitched about my daily commute. "But that's not boring!", I hear you cry, "that sounds like my life!". Well...exactly. You don't come on here to read about school children making too much noise on the 333 to Bondi, you want to hear about the time our entire Whitsundays boat flashed a rival vessel (true story).

Thankfully for us all I recently got to have a five week holiday that involved quite a few adventures. I decided not to blog on the way purely because I wanted to experience the trip without worrying about keeping up to date; also because my laptop died which made things more difficult; also because I'm incredibly lazy.

The trouble with five weeks of insanely good fun is that there seems to be too much to write about and it seems quite overwhelming which leads to excessive amounts of procrastination. So I've decided to take the advice I was always given about revision and break it down in to manageable chunks. There's no guarantees about how long it'll take me to catch up, but I'll sure as hell try.

I'm also going to try and keep as up to date with my Cairns adventures as possible because, thanks to my lovely new job, I'm getting to try out heaps of tours for free. And that's definitely worth blogging about. So: scouts honour, I shall detail my epic experiences in at least one blog a week.

Oh, I've missed boasting. It was too cold in Sydney to boast.

*smug face*

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