So, it's really happened. October 24th has actually arrived. In just over 12 hours I'll be on a plane that's lifting off the tarmac at Birmingham International. Three planes and 28 hours after that I'll be touching down at Townsville airport.

How long after that it takes my Mum and I to make it to the pool in our complex I've no idea, but looking at the forecast (-smug face-) and given that I've not been on holiday for 4 years, it probably won't be long.

I've had to say goodbye to some bloody amazing people over the last few weeks. Thank you to everyone who's made the effort to say goodbye - I see the separation sadness as a good thing. Not being upset about saying bye to people would be a pretty awful reflection on my life! I've become pretty accustomed to crying on public transport because I always seem to be getting on a bus or train right after. Can y'all start saving for your airfares please? Thanks.

The whole 'emigrating' thing is pretty scary, actually a lot more so than I thought it would be. I've wanted to run away and have adventures for as long as I can remember though, so it is a sort of nervous excitement. This has been on the cards for so long that I just want to be on my way now.

Anyway, I should probably stop talking rubbish and start my packing.

Skype you soon...

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