Ding Ding! Round Two with Paxo

Note: I typed this on the internet point at conference and it seems it didn't post. Enjoy hearing from my past self.

Some of you may remember my triumph (ahem) on Newsnight last year. Well, for some reason they wanted me on again. Despite my protests of "No, no. I won't put my hand up this year", I did, because I'm a gobby cow and Phillip Hammond pissed me off royally about the EU.
Anyway, Paxo was nice to me this year. So all is forgiven. Until, possibly, tonight when I'm on again. I'd recommend watching - it's going to be 80 women and Boris Johnson. Genius.

For those wishing to laugh at me, I'm about 25 minutes in... Enjoy the way they CUT BACK TO ME when I least expect it.

Post Edit: I didn't get my oar in on Tuesday. I did, however share a lift with Paxo. I smiled, he raised his eyebrows. It was all very awkward. Which, as those of you who know me well will expect, I absolutely loved.

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