Catching up

So I've not really blogged about post Christmas, mostly because my laptop is so slow that uploading pictures is actually quite painful to do. I've still got Blue Mountains, food poisoning and fireworks, and my brithday to go just to give you a taster (bet you can't wait eh?. Of course, I'm now back to my 'real life', or as real as living seconds from one of the best beaches in Australia can be anyway.

That's right, I'm back at Wicked travel helping backpackers to plan their trips. I was, obviously, so good at my job that when someone from the Byron Bay branch left I got rehired. Nothing to do with how long it would take to train a newbie of course...

After a brilliant birthday week I said a tearful goodbye to my little sister and hopped on the greyhound up north. Initially I'd planned to camp with Bridget, but after two nights on a rollmat being solicited for drugs, and realising that I could get a discounted hostel room, we moved into town. So now on the mornings that I wake up before my alarm I go down to the beach and have a little spalsh before heading to the daily grind.

How's the snow?

True to form I arrived in Byron with an empty bank balance but after a 60 hour week I'm now financially solvent again and ready to cause drunken mischief...well until January 31st anyway.

That's right guys I'M GIVING UP ALCOHOL IN FEBRUARY. There. It's on the internet now. I can't go back.

Rather than drinking my money away I'm going to put it towards saving and surf lessons. My weekend next week will be a trip to Nimbin and my first attempt to stand up on a board. *Cue hilarious situations*
So there you go, a catch up. What's new with you?

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