Roadtrip Part 2: Wonderful Whitsundays

So we were a little pressed for time on our road trip, as you may have noticed, so opted to do a half day tour of the Whitsundays. I say 'tour', but I mean 'boat that took us the long way to Whitehaven beach'.

Our first stop was Dreamtime Island, which was nice but not all that dreamy. It's name should actually be 'Middle Mole Island' or something equally unappealing so at some point someone decided to change it a bit.

Then we cruised along to Hamilton Island, which was altogether lovlier. The marina water sparkled blue, the buildings were shiny and the people there looked like the probably got their 'recommended monthly facial'.

Unfortunately the excitement was too much for us. Either that, or the southern comfort Mick had cracked out at 11 the night before had made getting up at 6am and driving the three and-a-bit hours to Airlie Beach a struggle. The beauty of the islands was so match for the need to nap.

But finally we made it to Whitehaven. It was very white indeed, even from a distance.

And practically blinding up close.

Of course we got the obligatory pictures for facebook/mantlepiece boasting later on.

And some nice posey ones too!

Yes that's correct, we have been called up to model for Victorias Secret, Miranda Kerr, watch your back. 

Chris, being sensible worried about stingers and not too bothered about bikini posing, went for a wander to the north end of the beach. We did think we'd lost him to the island at one point, until we saw a man friday figure striding up the beach. Or is that Daniel Craig?

On the way back not only were we treated to a surprise lunch (we didn't know it was included, so we ate everything) but we got a stunning Whitsundays sunset like the ones I told backpackers about when they booked their tours with me... It really was a brilliant day, everyone really had to see the Whitsundays at some point. It's just gorgeous and makes you want to work really hard/marry well and spend your days cruising around on a yacht. 

And it turns out that Airlie Beach actually looks nice from the ocean...

Exhausted from driving and the sea air we managed to eat dinner before falling into bed (or was that just me?) and trying to rest before our daunting 800km drive to Mon Repos the next day...

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