East Coast Part 2: Brisbane

And so, to Brisbane. Australia's 3rd largest city isn't one of my favourite places (although, in fairness, neither was Sydney until I lived there) but it's a nice halfway point between Byron and Noosa. Essentially I view Brisbane as a good place to break up a journey and have a drink.

We chose to visit on the night of the Lions match so the entire city was chock full of people. Our greyhound docked at 8pm so we ran to our hostel, changed our clothes and bought some goon. Becki's friend from home Ashley was joining us for the night and we decided to make our 14 hours in Brissy count. Obligatory games of 'ring of fire' were played and Helen got her first ever taste of goon...

The sad faces are because the bag leaked and broke the box. 

Naturally we found a 'British' pub to drink in that had a decent band playing and we set about tearing the dancefloor up.

My favourite part of the night was discovering and ENTIRE STREET dedicated to drunk takeaway food. It was like Disneyland, if Disneyland catered specifically for inebriated westerners.

Our night ended with our beds being double booked and the fire alarm being set off at 5am after someone let off a fire extinguisher indoors. Getting up the next day for our 10am greyhound was FUN.

Next stop: Noosa

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