East Coast Part 3: The rain in Noosa stays mainly on our heads

Our arrival in Noosa was heralded by the worst weather of our trip so far: grey skies and rain as far as the eye could see... Despite our best napping efforts our bus was so crammed full of people that we hadn't really caught up on shut eye so our first afternoon was spend lazing around and watching Nicholas Cage lose his shit.

Unfortunately the next day dawned just as miserable. Undeterred we decided to make the most of it and head out kayaking on the river. As there were three kayaks with 5 people we first attempted to double up... Well, it turns out these bad boys are definitely not designed to hold two people resulting in Hanah and Becki hilariously capsizing. At least we were so soaked through from the rain that getting in the rver made no actual difference to everyone's saturation levels.

It did have the rest of us wishing (in a slightly shadenfreude kinda way) that Dave's earlier assertion that there were heaps of bull sharks in the river hadn't been proven wrong by our hostel receptionist.

Helen and Hannah decided they'd had enough of kayaking and headed back, leaving Dave, Becki and I to paddle out to a little sandbank we spied in the distance.

After claiming the isle in the name of our forefathers and emptying our kayaks of around half of Noosa's water supply we paddled back.

A few very long and very hot showers later and we were ready to party with Dave and Becki's friend Morgan who they knew from Byron. Morgan had a few furry and not-so-furry housemates that we were keen to play with.

Meet lollipop the cat who was the biggest sook you'll ever meet. And gorgeous too, obviously!

We also decided that the best thing to do after a bottle of dark rum would be to all play with their snake. Somehow no one died, in much the same way as the relaxation effcts of alcohol help you when falling from a height somehow we avoided being bitten/stangled.

"And what is Becki looking at here?" you might ask.

Well, something rather yummy of course...

That's right - a hot half naked Frenchman cooking us dinner! I did say that not all of Morgan's housemates were furry... 

Obviously all the boys wanted in on the action, and the kitchen went from dinner prep area to hen party in the time it takes to shout "QUICK LET US OBJECTIFY THE MEN!". They all loved it, obviously.

Deciding that drowning and snake bites weren't enough danger for the day, all ten of us piled into one car for the short drive in to town.

It's ok NO ONE DIED. Although I did have a significant falling out with Captain Morgan later on. As our alarms went off the next morning we all asked ourselves why we kept insisting on getting horribly drunk the night before we had to check out and travel places. Oh, and where we could get bacon.

And so we left Noosa as we came: in the pouring rain with an absolute stinking hangover on a packed Greyhound bus.
Next stop: Fraser Island!!!

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