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So, yeah. I've been pretty bad at this whole blogging lark over the last few weeks. Pretty bad at keeping in touch, generally I think. I could blame it on working a lot, but it might also have something to do with the fact that when I'm not working I'm either napping or drinking. After being very sensible for my first month, all the gloves have come off in my battle with early morning hangovers.

I'm not going to lie, it's been fun. Even if I now hate my alarm more than I ever thought possible.

Because I'm still feeling lazy, despite an afternoon off (inactivity breeds inactivity boys and girls) I'm simply going to list some the events and thoughts that I've been having. Trying to link them into one cohesive narrative is not going to be possible right now.


- I've been working super-long hours because Stacey had her Mum over to visit, so her and Ash had the week off. Despite being on the go from 8am-11pm most days the week wasn't as bad as I thought; even though I'm doing something 'menial' I'm still incredibly happy. It must be the location - it's impossible to shake the feeling that I'm on holiday.

- I did a skydive. And it was awesome. The experience cannot be summed up in a paragraph, so I hope to write an extended description at a later date.

- This is the least christmassy I've ever felt. I can't get my head around Christmas and summer being the same thing. It's not right. Oh, and Father Christmas arrives on a fire truck here. I kid you not. And carols are accompanied by banjos. Weird.

- I've still not seen a Cassowary. It's getting embarassing now.

- Illicity scratching mosquito bites is better than sex...

- ...especially when you get 38 new ones in a single evening, only counting your legs. Yep, that's right, my body is an all you can eat buffet for mozzies. The little bastards. It seems that Yasi has given them heaps more places to breed, which is excellent news. Especially when every other advert warns you about dengue fever.

- Yesterday I saw an iguana. Casually sauntering around by the hostel. I'm still yet to see a spider spider. So far I've genuinely only seen two, and we had bigger ones in the back garden of plush towers. Did you all just make up this shit to scare me?

- My little sister will be here in three weeks, which I'm incredibly excited about. At the moment I'm like the Doctor without his companion... Granted, you get the odd Kylie or Katherine for an episode, but they're no Amy Pond. (Actually, this totally works. because Catherine Tate was only in for a special, but ended up becoming a full time companion. Totally works, I know for a fact that some people are going to become regulars. If only I had a tardis rather than tickets for greyhound buses. I'm going to stop being a geek now).

- The weather has turned, in a big way. A storm on Thursday chucked down 15cm of water in a night. ONE NIGHT. I couldn't sleep because the rain was hammering on the roof. The outside of my friend's house turned into a river and I watched their doormat float away. On Wednesday Louise and I had a girly night; on the way to the bar I launched our umbrella away from us, after seeing lightening hit the street. And today? It's drizzling, which is worse than any storm.

- I finally have a new camera. This means that I'll hopefully be putting up pictures very soon so you can all cry about how tanned I am.

- Plans are starting to form about what I'm going to do with myself. My only concrete definites are flying to Sydney on Jan 18th, visiting friends in Victoria at some point and the Melbourne comedy festival. Funds are the main constraint, and I've also learned that sometimes not knowing what's about to come next is the bggest adventure of all. At some point I've got to do my 'regional' work for my second year visa, but I haven't decided which form of fruit picking I'll be inflicting on myself yet.

- If you have a pool in your backyard, and scaffolding up the side of your house, then boys will find themselves unable to do anything except jump in. Even if the pool is a metre deep and the scaffolding is three metres high. Especially after a works Christmas party.

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  1. :-) this made me chuckle! can't wait to see you in Sydney! x kaz x