Some slight differences...

It's Christmas eve. I'm sat on my Mum's (new) sofa eating M&Ms in my PJs watching Arrested Development. Sounds like your standard Christmas, no?

There are some ever-so-slight differences:

- It's about 35 degrees outside.

- I have all the doors and windows open, and all three fans on high. It's hot.

- My chocolate has anti-melting stuff (that's the technical term) in it.

- My hair is frizzing, but from all the humidity rather than endless drizzle.

- There's a Christmas tree next to me but it's not real, and all the presents underneath it have airmail stickers on them.

- I'm googling 'traditional Australian Christmas food', looking for ideas about what to take with me to Mick and Val's tomorrow; all of it is cold. No bread sauce here ladies and gentlemen.

- You could probably make mulled wine just by putting a pot out in direct sunlight.

- I still haven't heard any Slade. Or Wham. (Lots of Mariah though. Strange.)

- You can't purchase mistletoe in any shops. I think this is to do with it not growing in hot places rather than an attempt to curb ill advised Christmas PDAs.

- Forgetting to bring my bikini back with me is a genuinely upsetting problem. I'm not sure if the Australian government alter their public indecency laws to allow skinny dipping for Christmas day, but I doubt it.

- It's summer, not winter. That probably sums it up.

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