Actual News. Ish.

Excellent day today. I'll give it 8/10.

Slog at work punctuated by finding out I'll be on Greg James' Friday Feet Up this week: live on the radio with my lovely friends Pete and Helen, between 1-4pm. Lets hope I don't -out- anyone else to a Radio 1 DJ (sorry Frazer...).

One of my 'to-dos' for today was to dissolve some plastic residue from glass with a corrosive chemical. Hmm. Tomorrow: I tidy the bar.

Post 'work', my flatmate and I got to spend the evening in the company of three lovely gentlemen (debatable) eating excellent food and 'boosting the local economy' as my Mum would say.

And now I'm going to be asleep before midnight. This is not a regular occurrence. See? Excellent day.

P.s - I'm starting to blog about innane shit now, so that come October 25th I'll be used to tapping something out every day or so. I appreciate your patience.

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