I've been bombarded with questions over the last few days, so I thought an FAQ post might be helpful.

What? You're going to Australia??

Yes. Yes, I am.

But why?

I've always wanted to go. My 'if I fail my A Levels' back up plan was to sack off everything and go travelling. I'd even chosen a flight (it was on October 3rd). To be honest, I can't ever remember a time when I haven't wanted to see the world. For me, travelling has never been an 'if', it's always been a 'when'. Plus, it's pretty sunny and having spent my last four summers in Edinburgh I could use the vitamin D boost.

This seems a bit last minute, why didn't I know before?

Because it is very last minute. My visa got confirmed last Friday. Don't worry though, I'm definitely not being terribly impulsive and irresponsible.

Hang on, if it's so last minute have you saved any money? Aren't you broke?

Yes. Stoney broke.

Then how...?

My mum's moving out there. She's a midwife, therefore a valuable commodity in the outback. As part of her visa agreement she gets two free flights, and my brother didn't want the spare one so I nabbed it. She's also provided with a flat for her first couple of months. I worked out that it'll probably save me about £1500 minimum, so even though I'll have no money when I arrive it still makes actual financial sense.

Are you going forever?

I'm not planning on it. Currently I'm planning on arriving home May/June 2011 so I can get a job at the Edinburgh Fringe. But I'm trying to not make too many concrete plans and just go with it. I might love it and stay forever; I might hate it and be back by Christmas.

So when do you go?

The plane tickets aren't actually booked yet (they had to wait for my visa) but we're pretty sure it'll be October 25th.

Oh, and where are you going?

I'll initially be in Townsville QSL with my mum, but I'm hoping to be in Sydney for the Festival, and then Melbourne for the Comedy festival. Then I'll be hopefully working in Townsville during the 'winter' until my visa expires to save some money to travel around for a bit. So hopefully I'll be going everywhere, in the end.

Can I please come in your suitcase?

Unfortunately the luggage allowance isn't that great, and I'm pretty sure they don't have air in the hold. But if you want to come out and stay/meet up with me at any point then let me know and we'll make plans. Unless I don't like you. In which case please stay in the UK.

I'll miss you!

I'll miss you too. Though probably not as much as you'll miss me, because I'm going to be terribly distracted by all of the attractive men.

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