It's happening...

So. I've had quite the weekend.

It all kicked off on Friday with a visit to the lovely Greg James' radio show. I said brand names on air, and Pete and Helen cheated on The Square.

All sins were forgiven, and we had a surreal but brilliant afternoon. If you want to listen to our radio debut then I'm pretty sure it'll still be on iPlayer for a while.

Enough excitement for one day? Oh, no. I got a call from Helen to inform me that she'd got her hands on two Bestival tickets, and would I like to come along? Obviously I did what any good friend would do, and abandoned Pete to head for the Isle of Wight. But not before going for a boogie in Camden. Because who needs sleep? Really?

I'm going to do a write up on Bestival, but not today because I'm TOO TIRED.

In other news, my flight to Australia has been booked. I'm going to be seeing y'all later on October 24th at 21.20. So to all of you planning to thwart my escape with declarations of love: I'm sorry. But it's happening.

It's actually happening.

Not a bad few days, eh?

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