I'm homeless...

...well not really. But I did have to move out of my beautiful, beautiful flat yesterday *sob*. It does feel strange to be typing this in my dad's house, because I do feel like I'll actually be going back 'home' later on today.

Alas, someone else will be in my room (which could make thing a bit awkward if I turn up) and the contract's expired and everything. So for the next two weeks while I work my notice, I'm going to be couch surfing with some rather lovely people.

But after that, I'm officially homeless and unemployed. This should probably scare me more than it does. Hurrah - finally my complete lack of responsibility pays off!!!

In other news, I've managed to drive through central London and get myself to the Midlands in one piece. This might not sound like an achievement, but when you've driven twice in the last three years it certainly feels like one... Now, only 140 more miles back down south to go. Wish me luck.

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